Purchasing Order Procedure Recommended Suppliers from Taobao
About Chinasafebuying.com

China Buying Agent
As a china buying agent, we help global buyers purchase products from China largest & cheapest shopping marketplace - Taobao.com.

Dropship from China
You can focus on selling item without worrying about quality control, stock, packing & shipping. Supplier's information details are not visible to customer.

China Safe Buying
A reliable, professional and china buying agent is your best choice when you do business in China, which will save you a lot of trouble.
China OEM Service
If you don't want ready stocks, but only your own brands with your own lables and tags,  you could think about our OEM service.
Quality Guaranteed
We will check items to make sure they are in good conditions. The color, dimension or obvious defect will be detected and treated as soon as possible.
Low Price Charge
Our service fee rate is 8%, if the total amount of orders exceeds 3000USD, you can enjoy a discounted service charge rate which is only 6%.