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China Buying Agent – Wholesale, Dropship, Custom in Safety from China

China Safe Buying Agent is Specialized in Wholesale, Dropship and Custom Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Luggage, Watches, Jewelry, Electronics and More in Safety from China. We are Focus on Strict Quality Inspection, Better Package, Faster Delivery, Lower Freight and Private Label Service for Global Small Business. We Will Do Our Best to Make your Brand Unique and Better.

Wholesale Inventory

There are a lot of factories in China will promptly produce fashionable products according to the types of top international brands. In order to quickly offer and sell fashion clothing, shoes, bags, watches, jewelry and effectively control the quality, small business often purchase inventory with their custom private hangtag, label and package. More>>

China Dropship Agent

As a legitimate dropship agent from China, we have rich and smart experience in drop shipping, sourcing and international express, specialized in dealing with drop shipping clothing, shoes, bags and more from multiple vendors, and focus on strict quality inspection, better repackage, faster delivery, lower freight, less returns and private label service for small business. More>>

Small Business Custom

Years of sourcing experience allows us to keep long-term cooperative relations with all kinds of factories friendly. So we can efficiently and suitable allocate production to corresponding factories. In order to promote the early development of small business, we will do our best reduce the min of quantities, and will strictly inspect the products. More>>

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