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China Dropship Agent is a legitimate dropship company with smart experience in dropship, sourcing and international express from China, specializing in deal with dropship from multiple vendors with strict quality inspection, better repackage, faster delivery, lower freight, less returns and private label service. 

The Advantages of Dropship Agent Compared with Vendors

Manage Dropship from Multi-Vendors

Most retailers have a common annoyance, it is that how to ship the same order products from multiple vendors with more economical freight. The solution to this problem is only one way, that is tansfer products to a dropship agent. According to the order, they will merge and repackage same order products together to one parcel, which will be shipped the same day. Whilst the original complicated delivery has changed to be easy, not only saving the shipping fee but reducing the energy input.

Slove Out-of-Stock Problem

Although retailers have been very cautious and adopted the tactics of alternate vendors, but some of hot products are sold out soon. There is no inventory no news promptly inform retailers, and the vendors couldn’t supplement stock in time. In this case, retailers only could seek the customers’ understanding, but it is not a great way to attract repeat business and loyal brand fans. There’s a better way? Of course, the dropship agent will use rich sourcing experience to find out the same product immediately.

Inspect Quality to Reduce Returns

When received products from different vendors, we will classificate and integrate the products according to orders, strictly inspect the color, shape, size and all details of products. If they are defective, we will promptly tell you this info, whilst communicate with vendors and inform them to send out no problem products to our warehouse immediately. If the products are out-of-stock, you can re-order the same products from alternate vendor or let us sourcing them from other vendors until passing the strict quality inspection.

Repack Instead of Normal Package

Most vendors are either manufacturers or wholesalers, they are proficient in and focus on mass production and sale of products, but poor in the concept of the brand. Most of package are thin, easy-broken, poor quality plastic bags, or soft and wrinkled paper cartons. They won’t provide customized packaging services for small business. But as a dropship agent, we will repack the products with new package, even if private label package regardless of bussiness scale, help retailers improve your brand influence.

Prevent Vendors from Robing Customers

A lot of vendors have international retail business, if they are aslo dropshipper, the retailers have to forward all the information of orders and customers to them. Based on this situation, if the vendors do not follow the business integrity, the retailers will have to face with the risk of customers robbed. But now it will not occur if cooperated with dropship agent. Why? Because you don’t need transfer the customers information, such as address and telephone number to vendors, cut off the vendor the possibility of contact with the customer.

Provide Private Label Service

Product profits most attached to the brand’s premium. Even if all of the retailers are aware of this fact, but the reality is, limited investment and small business at the begining, the retailers have to give up the private label products. As a flexible shopship agent, we can support and give you customized labeling and packaging service as a contribution to early growth of brand strength. If the retailers brands have good of development in the future and need small quantity products with own design, we can also do this job.

Smart and Economical Delivery Tactics

The traditional vendors are often not well versed in the international express delivery business, which makes them can’t get competitive express price, nor select the most economical and sensible express way. Years of cooperation with retailers, we have accumulated rich experience in international express, sign contract with them, not only have most competitive discount price, but also can choose most accurate and fast express by the location of customers, avoiding parcel detouring and unreachable situation.

Professional Sourcing Experience

Through our continuous exploration, analysis and summary of the customer service process, make us better understand the distribution of the local industry, have discovered and collected a batch of excellent vendors. If you need, we will provide valuable advice without reservation. In addition, based on the native culture, we directly sourcing or assist you purchase products from vendors, it may have a lower price. Let you reduce the cost of the various aspects, make price are more competitive while increasing profits.

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