Small MOQ, Private Label, Allocation, Inspection

As foreign customers, it is difficult to identify China manufacturers and wholesalers’ qualification and products good or poor. We will help you source good suppliers and high quality products according to the definition and need of your brand, steadily develop and improve the value of the brand.

Small MOQ

We can efficiently and suitable allocate production to corresponding factories. In order to promote the early development of small business, we will do our best reduce the min of quantities, and will strictly inspect the products.

Private Label

Excellent brands and good products, must have a unique design and own market position. Some retailers are proficient in sales, but poor in the design. Our designers can support and give you package design, including logo, hangtag, label, and packaging designing.


Factory audit is critical in product sourcing business. Years of sourcing experience allows us to keep long-term cooperative relations with audited factories friendly. So we can efficiently and suitable allocate production to corresponding factories.


Our quality inspection team will perform product inspections throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. Our proactive approach detects quality issues early in the process to avoid manufacturing and international shipping delays.


If permission of you, we can purchase the products you specified from your designated manufacturers and wholesalers. The benefit is that we know more about the domestic market, is also more convenient to communicate with sellers and can often get a lower purchase price than you.


Due to the government and culture difference between China and other countries. Many importers can’t be better to negotiate with local suppliers. ¬†With our team help who having more 6 years market research experience, you will penetrate your products or services more smoothly.

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