The safety policy and confidential clause of China Dropship Agent

1. General Principles
The information of our registered customers is very important and it is our responsibility to protect the information of our customers. Abiding by the prescriptive international laws and regulations, we take the necessary technology and scientific measures to assure the safety of our website and the data not to be divulged. It is regarded as a tort that anyone who spreads or looks up individual information without being authorized in any way. So we will take legal processes to protect your private rights.

2. Personal authorized information
There are two components to identify: -You can review, select, search on China Dropship Agent and add your what to your shopping cart with your privacy. -You have to log in if you would like to place an order and make payment. When customer registers on our site, he or she must complete the relative information including surname, name, Email , phone number, shipping address and password. Customers will take full responsibility for the accuracy of personal information. In some instances, we reserve the rights to require your details confirming.

3. Payment
China Dropship Agent ensure the safety and accuracy of every transaction. We will check the received data, including name, order number, the payer, the payment date, total amount, the quantity of order and private account. We also ensure security and legality of our customers in the payment. We will finally confirm your payment according to the total amount and the payment methods. And we also accept a variety of payment methods: PayPal, T/T and Western Union.

4. Other personal information
China Dropship Agent sometimes make a survey about the after-sale service, tests and special attractions to the customers. In some instances, we are going to send necessary details about the participation of our activities to our customers. Of course, this is certainly on the premise of the willingness of them (only after you received the letter and confirmed with us). We will also conduct an investigation in the transaction security and client satisfaction.

5. Monitoring and using your personal information
You can change or remove your private information on China Dropship Agent. You must log in to the website and make the necessary changes. We remind you: Do not share with third parties about your login and password information. Remember, China Dropship Agent will never ask you for your password. You can change all the personal account information. Please refer to the related instructions of the personal data revision process.

If You have questions about our privacy statement or our use of your information, or if you need help changing your personal information, please contact us.

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